viernes, mayo 26, 2017

Una biografía

Muchas de las innovaciones tecnológicas que hoy damos por hecho como la computadora personal con interfaz gráfica y los smart-phones con pantallas de vidrio se las debemos a Steve Jobs.

Desde su obsesión por crear productos fantásticos fundó Apple y Pixar pero el cáncer de páncreas lo venció y dejó en manos de Tim Cook y John Lasseter la tarea de perpetuar su visión.

So I don't read a ton of biographies or non-fiction, but I dabble on occasion. I had this book for about five years and felt like I should read it but always thought it looks so fat and that I would be bored so I never started it. . Well, I had to read it for the podcast, so I finally jumped in and I'm so glad I did. This book is long, but I found it to be riveting. The writing is engaging, and I was so captivated by the different stories from his life that I couldn't stop. I never thought a biography could be such a page turner. I also loved reading about the stuff that neither of the movies about his life has tackled: the iPod/iPhone development and his role at Pixar. . With two movies about Jobs, I thought this subject would be fully covered but now I would love nothing more than an 8-hour HBO miniseries that covers some of the details in here. If you're at all interested in Jobs, or technology, or innovation, or charismatic personalities, this is a must read. Not to mention profound as Jobs tried to cope with his approaching death. Highly recommend this one.
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