viernes, agosto 07, 2015

Online with Opera: Ruben from Mexico City

Last month I got together with some friends I met on the Opera online community and we discussed how different Opera products have enhanced our digital lives, that's how I decided to write this post.

8 years ago, mobile internet in Mexico was an unknown and unexplored realm where only Java enabled mobile phones could go, and barely.

I downloaded Opera Mini for my Sony Ericsson W600 phone and became astonished at how fast it downloaded websites and specially at how well it displayed full sites (as opposed to the limited versions the native browser did).

Now a days smart phones have made the Internet more available to the the general population but unfortunately its cost hasn't decreased much and Opera Turbo is a great way to save data, specially for those people with prepaid plans. I have been using Opera Mini on my iPhone and along with the Discover feature, it has proven to be a great travel companion.

 My current favorite Opera product, however, is Coast which greatly enhances web browsing on the iPad. I can't imagine a more elegant and practical browser.

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