jueves, febrero 19, 2009

El Verde Spoil3r

Un artículo sobre mi banda para una revista escolar, hablamos de las TIC's y del calentamiento global.

lunes, febrero 16, 2009

Bill's last day

Bill Gates is the chairman of Microsoft, he's one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. Like you, Bill has habits and routines in his daily life, but what is he doing during his last day at microsoft?

jueves, febrero 12, 2009

Definición de Proyecto

Un proyecto consiste en un conjunto de actividades coordinadas que buscan alcanzar objetivos específicos dentro de ciertos límites previamente definidos.

martes, febrero 03, 2009

Off weekend

This post is just to remind you that we have this weekend off, so don't worry about going to class on Saturday or downloading material this week. Remember to do so next week, though.

Meanwhile, here's the songs of my band for you to listen! You can also check out our MySpace.