domingo, noviembre 30, 2008

Global Warming :: Simple steps to stop it

Revolutions start with individuals getting together for a common goal. That's why the next steps are about sharing this idea with your friends and community.


miércoles, noviembre 19, 2008

A review

Write a review about your favorite movie. Use the questions and the diagram to help you.

jueves, noviembre 13, 2008

The Pedestrian

For this term, you have to read the short story "The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury. Afterwards, you have to complete the activity. You can watch the animation to get a deeper feeling of the environment of the story.

jueves, noviembre 06, 2008

Find out!

Download and print the following format. Draw a graph and write a report about how you get to school using the instructions provided. This is a team activity and you should use a spreadsheet software for the graphs.

miércoles, noviembre 05, 2008

Si no tienes suite de oficina en casa o es pirata, prueba, es libre, es gratis y es buena. ¿Ya dije que es gratis? No le pierdes!