jueves, noviembre 15, 2007

Step 7: vote for action

Thanks for helping make the energy [r]evolution real. Over the past six to seven weeks, you've raised awareness about climate change, you've reduced your own energy use and you've challenged companies and governments to take action too.

Lock-on action perhaps?

Step 7: Have your say.

There's always plenty more work, but as far as the 7 steps go, you've done your part. For the final step, we need your advice. Where would you like Greenpeace to do nonviolent direct actions about climate change, and energy efficiency in particular:

  • Protest at the stores of a big retailer - Show them how to take inefficient lightbulbs off the store shelves!
  • Pay a "very visible" visit to a lighting manufacturer - Tell them to stop making energy wasting lightbulbs!
  • Go straight to the source - Target the construction site of a new fossil fuel power station!

Which would you do? Which do you feel would inspire people to do more for the environment? Have your say in our exclusive online poll.

It's been a pleasure to journey with you these past few weeks. Thanks especially to everyone who sent us feedback about the campaign, things to improve, and opportunities for action and collaboration. After you have completed the poll, feel free to drop us a line or join other supporters in the Greenpeace Forum and the MakingWaves blog. If you feel the campaign was worth it, and if you can think of anybody you know who might like to join, don't hesitate to send them to greenpeace.org/7steps today.

2 comentarios:

Eoin dijo...


Cool blog! You know, that 7th step is supposed to be a surprise -- just for people who actually do the other six steps. :-)

Anyways, thanks for blogging the Greenpeace energy efficiency campaign.

I'm from Ireland, where we've got the Irish government to agree to ban the bulb by 2009.

leetmaster dijo...

Hi! In fact I did all the other 6 steps, that's why I posted it ^.^

But in .mx they don't want to ban the bulb.