jueves, julio 05, 2007

Step 3: Post "Ban this bulb (I did)" in the window, on the internet.

Step 3 of the energy efficiency campaign is all about spreading the word where you live. This can be your home, where you work, or where you spend time online.

Click here for posters, web graphics and instructions.

The idea is to spark the energy revolution in the minds of people beyond your immediate family and friends. You know there's a planetary emergency, but a lot of people still haven't caught on. Raise the alarm! And show them there are real solutions.

Home front activism: Remember the free poster from step 1? The easiest way to complete this task is to put that poster somewhere people can see it - like in the window of your house.

Online activism: Put one of our banners on your blog, MySpace page, Facebook profile, in your email signature, or wherever. We've got lots of different sizes.

Download the tools and read tips.


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