jueves, junio 28, 2007

Step 2: Invite Seven People to Join

Here's a brief message you can send to your email contacts. Just copy and paste it into a new email. Please send it along right away, but please only send it to your friends, family or colleagues.


Subject: Join me in Greenpeace's 7-step climate campaign

Last week I joined this 7-step climate change campaign with Greenpeace. We are starting with lightbulbs, but it's about energy efficiency generally. You should join:

Click here to sign up (http://greenpeace.org/7steps)

Greenpeace proposes an "Energy Revolution" to save the world from catastrophic climate change. Half of it is about saving the power we use. And this campaign is about people like us helping to outlaw products that waste energy. Every week, for seven weeks, Greenpeace sends out an email with instructions how to campaign effectively for energy efficiency.

Every ton of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere, every coal burning power plant built and every energy wasting lightbulb installed makes it harder for us to stop climate change. Each one is one more thing we'll need to undo. Better to do it right the first time.

Let's start an energy revolution!

I hope you'll join me today: Click here to sign up (http://greenpeace.org/7steps)

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