jueves, junio 28, 2007

Step 2: Invite Seven People to Join

Here's a brief message you can send to your email contacts. Just copy and paste it into a new email. Please send it along right away, but please only send it to your friends, family or colleagues.


Subject: Join me in Greenpeace's 7-step climate campaign

Last week I joined this 7-step climate change campaign with Greenpeace. We are starting with lightbulbs, but it's about energy efficiency generally. You should join:

Click here to sign up (http://greenpeace.org/7steps)

Greenpeace proposes an "Energy Revolution" to save the world from catastrophic climate change. Half of it is about saving the power we use. And this campaign is about people like us helping to outlaw products that waste energy. Every week, for seven weeks, Greenpeace sends out an email with instructions how to campaign effectively for energy efficiency.

Every ton of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere, every coal burning power plant built and every energy wasting lightbulb installed makes it harder for us to stop climate change. Each one is one more thing we'll need to undo. Better to do it right the first time.

Let's start an energy revolution!

I hope you'll join me today: Click here to sign up (http://greenpeace.org/7steps)

viernes, junio 22, 2007

Step 1: Change those energy wasting lightbulbs!

Thanks for joining the energy revolution. Changed your lightbulbs to energy savers already? Then come here to report back!

We're guessing you've already started. You've probably changed all the lightbulbs in your home to energy saving compact fluorescents already. You're saving the environment as well as saving money on your electricity bill.

Now we want you do something for someone else. Maybe it's a friend who hasn't gotten around to changing their lightbulbs yet, maybe you know an older person who can't easily reach high up light fixtures. Whoever it is, help them out by changing at least one of their bulbs.

Greenpeace dixit

jueves, junio 21, 2007

7 steps towards an energy [r]evolution

Today I received an e-mail from Greenpeace with yet another interesting campaign which I'd like you to join. This time is not about Apple and the Greener Apple but about making and energy revolution and stopping to use (en la medida de lo posible) fossil fuels and instead, use renewable forms of energy such as wind and solar energy.

But what can we do from home to use less energy? You can start with your lightbulbs.
We're starting with the most outrageously wasteful of electrical household items: the incandescent light bulb. Consider this: A simple switch to energy saving bulbs in the European Union alone would save 20 million tonnes of CO2, equal to shutting down 25 medium-size dirty power plants; and this is before we consider the efficiency of other household products, or even cars!
Y aquí ya voy un paso adelante porque en mi casa usamos de estos focos desde que salieron :)

Why don't you try them? Revolutions start with individuals getting together for a common goal. That's why the next steps are about sharing this idea with your friends and community. Then you'll be ready to challenge governments and influence businesses.

Así que cambien sus focos de 100 watts por ahorradores AHORA!