viernes, octubre 06, 2006


Nonviolent resistance (or nonviolent action) is the practice of applying power to achieve socio-political goals through symbolic protests, economic or political noncooperation, civil disobedience and other methods, without using violence.

A non-violent revolution is a revolution using mostly nonviolent protest against governments seen as entrenched and authoritarian to advocate democracy, liberalism, and national independence in their nation. Nonviolent revolutions began in the 20th century and have increasingly become more successful and more widely used, especially as Cold War political alliances which supported status quo governance wane.

Status quo is a Latin term meaning the present, current, existing state of affairs.

Some scholars of nonviolence, arguing that many movements have pragmatically adopted the methods of nonviolent action as an effective way to achieve social or political goals, distinguish the methods of nonviolent action from the moral stance of nonviolence or non-harm towards others.

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