martes, septiembre 12, 2006

The great oportunity for Apple

I've been reading about the latest in technology and I start to see that the OS world is about to change.

Microsoft is losing users, every day users are opening their eyes and see that Microsoft is not the only OS, we got a lot of OS, some better than others but we've options, unfortunatly must of the OS are complicated and are not as friendly as Windows.

The other popular option we have is Apple, but Apple is too expensive for being a good option. I think is time for Apple to make changes, think about it, what if Apple let build our own machines using their Operating System?, the computing world change in a hard way. Many people is interesting on it, Michael Dell (President of Dell computers) is interested in sell his computers with OS X. Of course that the applications developers will have a lot of work to do.

According to the experts it's time for Apple to open its doors, with the new comming of Windows Vista, Apple can give a hit!!. As everybody knows Windows Vista doesn't have anything new at least not for Mac.

The question that everybody has in mind.... Will apple miss it's great opportunity?

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Eztigma dijo...

I think that Apple won't open their doors to the independent hardware vendors out there, mainly because of their whole marketing strategy: they're all about the looks. Maybe if they sold all white poliuretane or alluminum casquets that ressemble Mac philosophy... but not even that way, people would start buying such casquets and install pirated copies of OS X, or even worse... Windows.

Apple has a market share that it must protect!

I know that Linux used to be complicated and stuff, but right now, there's a really user friendly distribution out there: Ubuntu Linux, it is so simple that you can even have it shipped to your door completely free of charge if you don't want to download. It's flag is "Linux for Human Beings" and with every version it evolves more and more. We have tried the latest version in several environments and it just works out of the box!

In my humble opinion, the best alternative for pc hardware users is Linux. Apple has already made it possible to install Windows on an Intel based Mac (Linux has always been possible, even in PowerPC), and that's a huge step, but honestly I don't think they will change their strategy.