jueves, junio 30, 2005

The Traveler and the Shooting Star

/*This true story took a long time to develop, but only takes a few minutes to be told*/


On a long, dark street, only in company with his shadow walked a traveler. A unique city night, stars were shining bright, a night where you could see the heart of the sky. Only the rain before could tamper such a perfect sky. Trying to keep himself warm with a cup of coffee, thinking about the night before, and the day before last night, and the mourning before, memories about his life and his wasted youth rushed through his head. He couldn't remember feeling so lonely within the streets whose names he once knew, city lights that once blinded his sight, all the beds on which he had tried to sleep on unsuccessfully because despite being a traveler he needed some sense of stability, of belonging. He once had a family, which he couldn't remember as much as he tried to. He stopped by a streetlight thinking, swearing to the horrible coffee in his cup, and talking to a cat that walked by,

-Damn it, if they think this shit is coffee I must be lead singer in a band. A band? Whatever happened to the band? I've not always been a traveler you know? Once I had a home but it was so long ago I can't even remember where it was. You wouldn't understand kitty-cat, home is where you go to sleep for you, isn't it? We're not that different right now. Sometimes I just wonder...

Taking the final sip of his now cold coffee he looked at the sky while walking back into the dark. And then it happened, something he had never seen before (at least not in such a dirty town): a shooting star falling right from the sky. Not a very usual star though, as the circumstances themselves.


He must had walked for about an hour or two, enjoying the peace that midnight can bring to the city. No cars, people rushing by talking on their cell phones, talking about sports, politics, nonsense. He liked talking about many things, about everything and nothing at the same time, but not tonight. Tonight it was only him and the lightless street. He remembered the time he asked for a taxi driver to take him where the shooting stars fall, of course he ended up walking under the rain given the fact that the taxi driver thought he was crazy... maybe he was.

He was thinking about this when in the middle of the road he saw something strange, like a pink light shinning in the middle of the dark.

-What the bloody hell?

The traveler came closer to the light only to find the most lovely creature he has ever seen. And there he stood, staring like a blind man who sees light for the first time. He noticed that the creature was hurt and tried to clean her wounds with his own clothes, despite they were rather dirty. All of a sudden she opened her eyes making the traveler jump about 10 feet from where he was kneeling.

-Who are you? What happened?, she said
-I am the traveler, who are you?, the traveler answered
-I... I... don't know. The last thing I remember is that I was falling down

Could it have been more obvious? The traveler soon realized that she was the star he saw falling from the sky a couple of hours early. After helping her up, soothing her wounds he said

-You are a shooting star, from the sky is where you fell down

And the shooting star wept, she had always been audience to the world below, now she was a part of it, cold, wet, and dirty world.

-What am I supposed to do?, she asked
-I wish I had an answer to your question, but is the same thing I have been asking my entire life, he said

They stared at each other eyes, silent. The shooting star wasn't crying anymore, for the traveler's presence gave her some sense of peace.

-I fell down for a reason, I know because that's why we fall down. May it be to grant a wish or to fulfill some purpose here on earth. I feel like you know why I'm here, but still I'm too scared to ask, said the shooting star
-I can't tell you who you are, I don't even know who I am anymore but I get your point. When I saw you falling I had the feeling that I was waiting for you to come, don't ask why, the traveler answered

They remained silent for the rest of the night, then the first signs of light announced that a new day was about to begin, and the traveler knew that his time there was almost over.

-I am the traveler, which means that I can't stay here, he said.
-Can I walk with you?, asked the shooting star.
-Nothing could make me happier, he told her with a smile.


What a strange feeling was to smile. The traveler couldn't remember when was the last time when he felt this happy. There were a lot of things he couldn't remember at all, but now that was not important anymore. In the same moment that the shooting star took his hand he knew he was leaving all his past behind, it was time for a fresh start for both of them. Never again they would be the same.

Who saw them when they kissed for the first time, say that the pink glow of the shooting star turn into bright violet changing the blue aura of the traveler forever.

No one knows whatever happened to the traveler and the shooting star, all we know is that they discovered each other within themselves, and no one could ever take that away from them. Maybe they spent the rest of their existence walking along nameless streets, making each step count. Maybe they just found where their place was. But, if home is where the heart is, you can be certain that they aren't traveling anymore.

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Violetisha dijo...

No recuerdo que este cuento fuese así. Pero como sea, me gusta leerte.

Perdón por limitarte. Sigue con tu novela amordidas. :x

leetmaster dijo...

Gracias por leerme y dejarme un comentario. Me da gusto que como sea te guste leerme.